De Zuiden is a full service team of creatives based in the heart of London, England.

Specialising in art direction and design, we have expertise across a wide range of digital and traditional media.

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07 November 2012
Birds of Great Britain
We've been pretty busy lately, hence the lack of updates. Nevertheless, we've not been sat idle. Here is a little taster of a poster series we're working on for Birds of Great Britain.

Birds Of Great Britain

02 July 2012
Bambi grows up
We wondered what life might be like for Bambi when she grew up; what kind of friends he would make, what he would look like and if he would have a tough time adjusting to simple anonymity in the wild once his 15 minutes of fame had gone by.

This is a proactive piece exploring a new illustrative style.

Bambi in the headlights

27 April 2012
De Zuiden expands to land, sea and air
We have created a few pieces for a poster series. These images incorporate iconic silhouettes of animals that dwell on land, in the sea and up in the air. When combined with stark and minimal environments, the silhouettes take on a life of their own.

De Zuiden Branding
17 April 2012
Lizzyspit goes home
We have created the new artwork for a double A-side single by up-and-coming English artist, Lizzyspit. Currently based in Australia, she is a new age folk artist who has had success in the United Kingdom and is now looking to gain notoriety abroad.

This artwork will accompany both her original recording, 'Home' and her gloriously melancholic rendition of Cher's, 'Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves'.

Lizzyspit - Home (Single) Lizzyspit - Home (Single)
03 April 2012
Out with the old. In with the new.
We have a new website so feel free to look around!

De Zuiden Website
07 February 2012
De Zuiden goes au naturel
We had a bit of a break this January to recharge our proverbial batteries with a little getaway to South Africa. We sneaked in a 3 day hike in Mpumalanga's "Sabie" district on the Fanie Botha hiking trail.

We only managed to take an iPhone, but it is quite remarkable what these phone cameras can produce.

Fanie Botha
Fanie Botha
15 December 2011
River Research has a new website
River Research is one of the fastest growing and innovative market research companies emerging from London's SOHO district.

De Zuiden worked closely with Joe, Nick and Zoe to ensure all the right targets were met, with emphasis on user interaction and ease-of-use. We designed and developed the site and are happy to bring River Research to market with an updated look and feel, as well as some cool functionality.

River Research
11 August 2011
Artwork for King Willow
We had a lot of fun in creating the branding material for up-and-coming progressive rock band, King Willow; a 3-piece group hailing from England.

Along with creating the logo and artwork for the band's independently produced demo release, "Introductions & Demonstrations", we also designed their website and the promotional photography to go alongside press releases and marketing.

King Willow
03 August 2011
3dtracking goes live
We have just completed the redesign of the new website for 3dtracking, a global vehicle and fleet management system. The new design reflects their efficiency and comprehensive service offering, whilst being easy to use and informative.

3dtracking Website
25 July 2011
De Zuiden featured in Design Magazine
De Zuiden's Art Director, Matthew Schönborn, is featured in this month's edition of Design Magazine. Head on over to read about his experiences in becoming an independent designer and the challenges encountered whilst endeavouring to start De Zuiden in, "Making a move: A traveller's companion to becoming a freelancer in the UK".

Design Magazine
25 June 2011
Doodle for the day
Doodle for the day
17 June 2011
Kiü Architecture gets an identity
We often get the opportunity to work with various industries and sectors and one of the most exciting fields (which we are passionate about) is architecture. We appreciate architecture's pivotal role in shaping the world around us with design as a whole and we share a passion for the visual aesthetic, the function of form and the effect it has on people.

One such progressive architecture firm is, Kiü Architecture. Based in South Africa, they tackle each new project with an elevated degree of innovation, custom design and forward thinking. We will be helping Kiü Architecture build their brand and online presence

Kiu Architecture
18 April 2011
Newspepper comes to play with the big dogs
It's been awhile since our last update but De Zuiden has been busy with new clients and exciting projects with much in the pipeline. One exciting development in recent months has been the completion of the rebranding of Newspepper. Working closely with the founder, Hermione Way, De Zuiden has helped bring the brand to a global stage and make it more appealing to an international market.

We designed the new logo, video top & tail ident, corporate identity and their website.

Newspepper Website
Newspepper Ident Still
29 October 2010
Music Video: Marina Celeste - Love is the first born
De Zuiden has been fortunate enough to post-produce the latest music video from the artist, Marina Celeste of Nouvelle Vague fame. Utilising raw digital footage of Marina performing in front of a green screen and incorporating animated hand-made illustrations as well as Super 8 film footage, Love is the First Born takes the viewer on a nostalgic journey through suggested emotions and dreamlike wheatfield imagery.

Marina Celeste Still
Marina Celeste Still
Marina Celeste Still
07 September 2010
RU-486, The Film
We recently completed all the promotional material for the upcoming independent feature film, 'RU-486'. A topical drama produced in the United Kingdom by Xylomancy Films, this film tackles the sensitive and controversial issue surrounding abortion and how it affects the lives of those involved.

It was great fun creating the movie poster and logo for the title sequence, as well as the website to help complete the campaign.

RU-486 Poster
RU-486 Website
28 December 2009
De Zuiden business cards have arrived
Our business cards have arrived and we're ever so proud. Isn't it curious how the phenomenon of the business card design has become a sort of sub-culture of cool and identity? A statement of, "Here we are. We mean business! Now, can we have some please?"

Since we like gold, we thought we'd foil ours a bit on the top, and keep the bottom minimal. It helps maintain our mysteriousness. Please don't throw ours away (They cost a fair bob or two).

De Zuiden Business Cards
01 November 2009 V.1 has launched!
De Zuiden has launched its website! Tell your friends, tell your family and have a glass of champagne on us.

De Zuiden Website V.1